Goods & Bads…

Okay let me start with the Bads…

I can’t post anything right now due to leaving out of state (vacation, 3 wks) 😦


(Says the ghost)


I will continue (on my notebook) while on Vaca, I’ll be more tranquil and will be ready to bring the storm to you all!


(No nasty thoughts…No nasty thoughts) *gets nasty thoughts*

Damn you Sims!

~KraZyKoaLa *0*


Drum Roll Please…

Alrighty then let me start by saying that this is a looong prologue but I want you to understand where Evoli is coming from before the story starts, so please enjoy reading and if you don’t mind give me your thoughts and feedback, I’d really appreciate it. :^)


Don’t be fooled, this following blog you’re checking contains adult content. Sooo in other words for the young and the offended out there DO NOT PASS.

(I hope this didn’t come out too harsh, but hey since when do warnings look inviting, right?)

Hey! 😀

KraZyK here, I decided to start a story of my own. After reading so many  incredible stories written by talented writers, I too want  to share my story. I really want to test my imagination and see how far I can go along with this. So please if you do have time I wish for you to ‘Step aside and join the ride’. ;P

P.S I’m new to this so things might look a bit stumpy,lumpy,chunky but I’ll try to manage it  (I hope..-__-)